How Does EO Work?

Date Posted: 2021-04-23 15:01:56

Emergent Order Ltd (EO) raises funds to purchase real estate for the sole use and benefit of selected organizations. Our first selected organization is the Fraternal Order of Porcupines (FOP), based out of Manchester, New Hampshire, so we'll use the FOP as our example. Upon purchasing real estate, EO will assume management of that real estate and rent it to the FOP exclusively. This ensures that the FOP will have a permanent facility (or facilities) for the benefit of the liberty community.

The FOP is a private, fraternal organization which provides the NH liberty community access to its space for events, meetups, and other community-driven events. Even though it is a private organization, the FOP routinely donates the use of its space to various liberty organizations and individuals for the purpose of promoting liberty-oriented organizations, individuals, and events.

EO has been created to ensure that organizations like the FOP continues to have facilities for the foreseeable future by coordinating donations and giving supporters of both EO and the FOP the opportunity to recoup their donations.

This is how it works:

EO will be creating 600 tokens as a tracking mechanism for large donors. For every $1000 donated, EO will offer the donor 1 token. EO will fund the acquisition and management of real estate via these donations. The tokens are NFTs based upon the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Upon EO purchasing real estate, the FOP will have the exclusive option to rent that real estate and operate within it. The FOP will pay rent to EO in the form of cash but EO may opt to allow the return of tokens to EO in lieu of rent. The goal of EO, is to facilitate the return of all 600 tokens it issues as soon as possible. *It is in the FOP's best interest to facilitate the return of EO tokens to EO because when all tokens have been recovered (that is the cost of the real estate has recovered by EO,) EO is obligated to donate it's real estate assets to the FOP. Remember, EO is a non-profit organization.*

Donors have two options when donating - to receive one token per $1000 donated, or to opt to not receive the token(s), which is functionally equivalent to a straight donation, as EO will retain the tokens and mark those as returned immediately. Because EO will be receiving funds from the rental of the property by the FOP, EO will periodically run a Token Buyback Auction (TBBA). Individual token holders can opt to have their tokens bought back at auction using a reverse auction methodology - that is, the lowest bidder wins. The maximum amount that EO will ever pay is $1100 per token, but token holders have the option to auction their token(s) back at any price below the maximum amount.

EO doesn't care how the tokens are returned, just that they are. The FOP is the sole beneficiary of EO having all of it tokens returned. So, the FOP is incentivized to get as many tokens as possible, as quickly as possible, to return to EO. Individual token holders can also help the FOP in its goals as well as themselves by participating in EO TBBAs. They help the FOP by returning tokens and they can help themselves by being able to recover all or a portion of their donation. Remember, EO's goal is get all tokens returned. The FOP's goal is to get all of the tokens returned to EO. The token holders have the option of having some or all of their donations returned.